Look at the world with a double filter: one of the documentary filmmaker fascinated by the narration of places and philosophies, and the other of the commercial photographer who outlines the brand and the product. Alessandro Scattolini interprets his work by hybridizing these two languages and creating a story capable of a broad narrative.


The product, the brand, a new collection, a place or a character are outlined through the explosion of multiple elements and perspectives able to offer the subject photographed all the fragments of a story to tell. This matrix is the footprint of the studio. All the professionals work on a mixture of languages and narrative modes with the aim of finding the right voice for each subject.
For the light, the dark. For the space, a boundary. For the silence, a voice. You don’t really look at anything except from multiple perspectives, often opposite. More different looks, all from the same team. Our team.

Area: 400 mq

Electrical Power: 34 kw

Daylight: 2 large windows (north and west)

Ceiling height: 7.40m

Air-conditioned rooms

Make-up, Hair-styling and Styling Locations

Relax Area


Internal Parking

Large entrance loading/unloading goods

Private outdoor area