Telling through images, making narrative objects and products, faces and landscapes. Suspend time to show the eternal aspect of things. Photographing is never just representing. Creating, starting a new form, transforming the invisble into exposed. This is it.

The goal is to stand out from the background of everyday things, make them in their versatility, emphasizing their lights and making their shadows fascinating, restoring feelings and mood, hybridizing commercial photography with documentary.


Nero Giardini
Lamborghini Fragranza
Liu Jo Beauty
XL Extralight
Sergio Tacchini Fragrances
Alfa Romeo Parfums
Studio Scattolini embraces others projects in order to complete the offer for the customer. The professionalism that are working with the studio offer their high-profile skills in art direction, graphics, video, copywriting and storytelling, styling and shooting phase. In addition, the studio cultivates collaborative relationships with set designers, hair stylists and make-up artists, as well as with professionals and companies operating in the design and construction of scenic materials useful in the shooting phase. All this allows to realize every aspect of the production chain in order to offer a complete and punctual service to the costumer.

Photo Video Art Direction Copywriting

Graphic Styling Set Design